Windows 10 Home Product Key Retail OEM Free

Windows 10 Home Product Key Retail OEM Free

Microsoft offers a separate version of Windows 10 for each group of users. For private users, Windows 10 home is intended. A few cool features are missing from the pro version. They can be retrofitted completely free of charge on request.

Unfortunately, only Windows 10 home is installed on most laptops and computers for private users. On the other hand, you can find Windows 10 Pro on more expensive business devices. The shortcut [Windows] + [pause] tells you which version you have. But what are the core differences? Pros need more features, so Microsoft is equipping Windows 10 Pro better.

Functionally, Windows 10 home and pro differ especially in safety and comfort. Pro versions also support features that private users typically do not need, such as logging on to a domain. A detailed comparison of the versions of Windows is available on this Microsoft Web page. But some cool features for home users are stuck in the pro version. How to upgrade them for free.

Windows 10 Pro brings the built-in encryption to BitLocker. This allows you to completely encrypt windows with on-board media. This is an interesting option especially for notebook users. Because a notebook is stolen or lost, data thieves come up with fairly simple means to your data, unless they are encrypted. For Windows 10 home users need to retrofit their own encryption software. We recommend the OpenSource software VeraCrypt, the unofficial TrueCrypt successor. It provides either encrypted containers to encrypt important data or, windows 10 home product key 64 bit, if desired, also makes it as BitLocker and encrypts the entire system.

Only Windows 10 Home installed Get best Pro features for free
Windows 10 Home Key

Windows 10 Pro also supports Hyper-V, a built-in virtualization. This certainly does not need any user, but it is practical in many areas. You can easily try different versions of Windows or Linux in a virtual machine. With the free VirtualBox you upgrade a virtualization software for free. Possible deployment scenarios: Use Windows 7 in Windows 10 in parallel, try out the latest Ubuntu or set up a secure environment for Linux-based online banking.

Windows to go alternative: windows to USB stickĀ windows 10 home product key generator

Windows can now also be installed on a USB stick or an external hard drive. Unfortunately, even the enterprise version of Windows 10 is needed, another business version. But with the freeware WinToUSB you can do that with any Windows 10. Classic field of application is a Windows-based emergency system, with all familiar tools and just Windows comfort. As you set up a USB stick with Windows, we will show you step by step.

Windows 10 Pro Key Activation Key 64 Bit

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  • Windows 10 Home Activation Key

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    Windows 10 Home Country Specific (CN)


    Windows 10 Professional Product Key

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