How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise

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Windows 10 Enterprise offers many unique features not available in Professional Edition Windows. You can get these features without reinstalling Windows, even without a corporate CD. In fact, you do not even need your own Windows 10 Enterprise key to perform this upgrade.
Windows 10 Enterprise Key
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Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise

How does this work?

Why not buy a product key for Windows 10 Enterprise? Well, Microsoft will not even sell these mortals to us! Although Microsoft offers a paid upgrade to Windows 10 Professional, the Enterprise and Education versions of Windows 10 are only available through Volume Licensing channels. Microsoft had previously provided Windows 7 Ultimate, which includes all the same features as Enterprise Windows, but Windows 10 does not.

According to Microsoft’s documentation, you can use the DISM / online / Set-Edition: command to change to a new version of Windows. However, this does not apply to us using Windows 10 and we encountered an error message. But we realize there is a better solution.

Most people do not know this, but you can convert an existing Windows 10 Home or Professional system to Windows 10 Enterprise in minutes – without using a CD. You will not lose any installed programs or files. Windows 10 Enterprise Key To do this, you need a product key, but here are some flaws: You do not actually need a valid product key to use Windows 10, Enterprise, or another product key. To upgrade, you only need one key.

This procedure uses the KMS key on the Microsoft website. These publicly available keys are commonly used in organizations that have a key management server. Using them without a Key Management Server, Windows 10 will be upgraded to Enterprise Edition – it will not really “live”.

There is one downside to doing this: If you have a legitimate, active Windows 10 system, the final Windows 10 installation will not be activated and a watermark will be displayed to tell you. But this is only the only limitation you will encounter – the operating system will work otherwise, as you like. This is a good solution if you want to test Windows 10 virtual machines or secondary computers for these enterprise features.

This is a better approach if you do have legitimate Windows 10 Enterprise product keys through your business. Enter a valid product key and Windows 10 will be upgraded to Enterprise and activated properly. This is a handy solution for businesses that can purchase computers included with Windows 10 Home or Professional and upgrade them without reinstallation.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise

Instead of messing with DISM, you can do it completely from the Windows 10 setup application. To do this, open the Settings application from the Start menu, select “Updates and Security” and select “Activate”. Click the “Change Product Key” button here.
Windows 10 Enterprise Key
You are asked to enter a new product key. If you have a valid Windows 10 Enterprise product key, you can enter the key right away. However, if you do not, obtain the KMS client installation key for Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 will automatically convert itself to a Windows 10 Enterprise system. Remember, since this is not a valid key for activation, the resulting Windows 10 system will not be activated online with Microsoft’s activation server. You probably do not want to do this on your primary Windows system.

The Microsoft web page above lists keys for other versions of Windows 10, so you can convert to Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Education, LTSB (Long Service Branch) for Windows 10 Enterprise 2015, and other versions of Windows 10.
Windows 10 Enterprise Key
Later, Windows 10 will provide “Upgrade Your Windows Version.” Make sure to save the open file and close the application before proceeding, as your computer will restart during this process.
Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise
After the process is complete, Windows 10 will restart. This process took us less than 20 minutes, even in slower virtual machines.

Once the process is complete, you can access Settings> Updates and Security> Activation again. You will see that you are using Windows 10 Enterprise. All enterprise-only features will be available on your PC. Windows 10 Enterprise Key

However, if you use the KMS key, the system will no longer be activated and Windows 10 will start notifying you. This is a good compromise for trying out these features on a virtual machine or secondary PC, but it may not be convenient on the host.
Windows 10 Enterprise Key
Microsoft have any questions? We do not know, but if they do, they have multiple ways to solve the problem, so it’s likely that’s design. This is a handy hint to developers, hobbyists, and system administrators who want to learn about these additional features.

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